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album available at: April 2016 Ordo ab chao
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Ordo ab Chao is the first solo project from Eric Fillion and the fifth SAMARKANDE album, honors pioneers of the German and British electronic music of the 70's and 80's, which by their legendary sound explorations, paved the way for many new musical possibilities, too often taken for granted by their heirs today. While detaching from the experimental approach and forward thinking of previous SAMARKANDE albums, Ordo ab Chao offers the listener a universe built of febrile sequences, intoxicating atmospheres both lyrical and melodious. But, this well-being is soon broken by brutal, dissonant and strident ruptures. Ordo ab Chao plunges us into the cynical world of secrecy, lies and unspoken. These three Latin words that also contain one of the greatest mysteries of the Universe: Order through chaos. On one hand, this is the motto of Freemasonry, and at the same time, great confusion is caused, particularly in conspiracy circles. Indeed, the phrase "ordo ab chao" is used by a secret organization called the Illuminati, applying to the implementation of a plan so-called Luciferian, known as Novus Ordo Seclorum or "New Order of the Centuries", which the ultimate goal is the total enslavement of mankind. Ordo ab Chao promises no response but questions the validity of this society mesmerized by its fleeting and paltry comfort, lulled by the promise of a better day, which will come only by its resistance and awakening to face the deception that represents this New World order.

Samarkande - Ordo ab Chao has been named one of the 50 best progressive albums in quebec.
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reviews «... an album that does not pale compared to the great discs by electronic artists such as Tangerine Dream, Vangelis, Edgar Froese and their likes. The quality of the compositions, musicianship and production make Ordo ab Chao a "must have" for any fan of the genre. Highly recommended!...» «...“Ordo AB Chao” (...) blend into a wall of sound comprised of powerful rhythms, rippling sequences, waves of warm melody and a wafting celestial ambiance. If you miss the good old days, Eric has created music here that will overcome you with a wonderful sense of déjà vu sonically as you listen...» «...Il y a de tout dans ce splendide album de SAMARKANDE qui est étonnement musical pour un album aussi lourd. Amateurs de Tangerine Dream, des années Phaedra à Logos, de Redshift, pour les ambiances lucifériennes, les séquences analogues et pour ce merveilleux Mellotron, et de Genesis pour les claviers et l'orgue, ce “Ordo ab Chao” s'inscrit dans les albums à posséder. Et non je ne dis pas cela parce qu'Éric Fillion vient de chez nous! Je dis cela parce que c'est un splendide album qui ne mérite absolument pas de passer inaperçu, Chapeau Éric, c'est tout un album que tu nous mets entre les oreilles!...» «..“Ordo ab Chao is a stunning piece of EM which goes from Berlin School to prog rock while surfacing the dark ambient moods and concrete music...» «..."Ordo Ab Chao" is quite an achievement. As the most distinct and different Samarkande album, it may be deemed "too commercial" by fans of the hardcore experimental stuff. However, I thought that it achieved a perfect balance between the experimental and the melodic, without abusing of any of the sides. If you are a fan of the Berlin School, get this album. No matter what epoch of Tangerine Dream (the German trio being the most obvious reference here) you prefer, be it the Pink Years, 1970's Virgin or the early 1980's - it's all here and all done superbly. And, as always, when the music is good, you get a feeling that it's over too soon."...»

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